Fire near Morris

Operation Share made a cash donation to the family whose house was sadly destroyed by fire and who tragically lost four young boys in late February (located west of Morris, Manitoba) Heartbreaking.

See the Winnipeg Free press Story here: Family shattered by loss of four young sons.

Tim and Ruby’s Story

Tim and Ruby’s Story

* for privacy reasons, the names have been changed

Several years ago, Tim and Ruby’s young boy had fallen seriously ill with seizures and brain impairment. As a result of this illness he was no longer able to walk or even to feed himself. After being discharged from a lengthy stay in the hospital his parents came to realize that having no bathroom on the main floor of their older house was going to pose a significant mobility issue for their ill son. To assist this family, Operation Share/Faith Church covered much of the cost for the installation of a tub and other bathroom amenities on the main floor. This was a tremendous relief to Tim and Ruby as they no longer had to carry their boy upstairs to use the bathroom.

2014 Red River Ex

We spent 10-days at the Red River Ex – meeting ex-goers and exhibitors alike. One of the highlights being the two auctions we put on with the Ken Morrow, formerly from Mordyck Auctions. The atmosphere was electric, he definitely had the crowd going with his back and forth banter and bartering.

2015 Operation Share Schedule

There are no scheduled events at this time.

Heather’s Story

*for privacy reasons, name has been changed


Heather’s time had run out. An elderly widow, she had recently sold her house in Winnipeg and the buyer had already begun to move in and renovate the house as the possession date had passed. The problem was, she had not yet completely moved out as she was physically unable to keep packing. Now who could she get to help pack her things? She knew of no relative or young person who could volunteer for such a physically and time demanding task. To pay for such a service was also out of the question. While pondering what to do in a local restaurant her eyes fixed upon a newspaper article describing the role of Operation Share in meeting urgent needs in the community. Feeling desperate she phoned Operation Share and asked for help. “Yes“, she was told, Operation Share would provide her with about half a dozen volunteers to assist her in completing her move. As a result, the remaining items in Heather’s house and garage were cleaned out in a timely fashion. Not only did Operation Share move Heather for free, in addition, Heather was provided with a charitable tax receipt in exchange for some household items she could no longer use and was willing to donate to Operation Share. The relief in Heather’s voice and face was readily apparent as she graciously thanked the volunteers from Operation Share for their timely service.


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