2017 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2017:

  • fixed (dry walled, taped and painted) a fallen kitchen ceiling for a disabled senior citizen on limited income
  • paid a portion of hotel costs for a couple that was stranded in Winnipeg due to their car breaking down
  • supplied and installed a new washing machine as well as cold and hot water shut offs for a single woman on limited income
  • paid Permanent Resident card application fees for a senior citizen, as well as assisted with the paperwork
  • covered extensive car repair expenses so that owner could return to work as a reliable vehicle was required for the job
  • purchased new mattress, box spring, bedframes and bedsheets for disabled woman on limited income
  • moved several needy individuals out of undesirable living situations into better accommodations
  • paid for a portion of the funeral expenses for a senior citizen who passed away, having no family or next of kin in the province

2016 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2016:

  • Found suitable housing for an elderly man who was living in an unhealthy living arrangement in the inner city. Paid for his first month’s rent and damage deposit. Bought him a new bed, plus other items for his apartment.
  • Helped fix a bathroom that was in a state of disrepair. Dealt with the mold on the ceiling and replaced the toilet and flooring.
  • Replaced a dilapidated set of back steps for a family whose mother has mobility issues
  • Repaired a kitchen ceiling and living room ceiling that was coming apart in a 100-year old home in the inner city; the home-owner had little funds or expertise to conduct this work
  • Covered the costs of a fence repair/replacement for a family whose fence had been destroyed by a drunk driver
  • Paid the registration costs for a young man to enter Adult & Teen Challenge Recovery Program
  • Provided new or gently used household items to individuals and families in need. Items include: multiple mattresses  &  boxsprings; walker; play pen; crib; dishes; etc.

Going Forward 2016

In January 2012 Operation Share was launched by Faith Church as a means for meeting legitimate urgent physical and spiritual needs in Winnipeg and surrounding communities. The underlying motivation for this was that we felt an increasing desire, as instructed by the Bible, to “love our neighbours as ourselves”.

Our desire from the outset was that we would not be asking for funds from people to support this community outreach. Rather, we began the practice of issuing charitable donation receipts to individuals and businesses that donated new, or gently used, items to our ministry. The donated inventory was either given directly to those in urgent need or alternatively sold to the public at a fair price. In 2013 we began reserving 100% of the funds raised to go directly to meeting urgent needs. All administrative expenses incurred for the oversight of Operation Share were paid for by Faith Church. Throughout 2012-2015 this aspect of Operation Share began to grow quite significantly. So much so that in 2013 we moved from our small 2,000 sq ft warehouse to a 10,000 sq ft warehouse on Stanley St.

In December of 2015 we moved out of our warehouse on Stanley St as it was no longer able to meet the requirements of a retail store. Simultaneously, we felt from the Lord that we should spend less time on the gathering and selling of inventory and rather focus more upon the meeting of needs with funds already raised over the past four years.

Going forward in 2016 our heart’s desire is to remain focused on the priority of reaching others with the good news of Jesus Christ and telling them what He has done to provide peace and hope for all men and women. As we share this good news and observe people experiencing urgent physical need we will be able, with funds raised from the past several years, to assist such people in very practical ways.

2015 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2015:

  • We provided temporary employment for a recent graduate of an inner city men’s drug recovery program
  • We performed a variety of house repairs for a 50-something widowed woman suffering from cerebral palsy
  • We bought a new wheelchair for a disabled woman with limited income
  • We assisted a young man with obtaining his out-of-province birth certificate, a Manitoba Health card and an MPI photo ID card. This enabled him to look for work within Winnipeg.
  • We donated furniture (sofa chairs, etc) to a summer camp ministry within Manitoba
  • We donated a large quantity of gently used and new furniture to a widowed mother of seven children
  • We donated furniture to a number of recent immigrants from overseas countries
  • We provided financial assistance to a number of individuals who were in legitimate financial crises

Going Forward

Effective November 12, 2015, Operation Share will not be receiving any new donations of inventory or furniture as we will be moving out of our current warehouse location by the end of 2015.

We are seeking the Lord’s direction regarding if and/or when we should lease or purchase a new warehouse with additional square footage. In the interim, Faith Church/Operation Share is continuing to meet needs in our community using funds already raised by the sale of previously donated goods.

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