2017 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2017:

  • fixed (dry walled, taped and painted) a fallen kitchen ceiling for a disabled senior citizen on limited income
  • paid a portion of hotel costs for a couple that was stranded in Winnipeg due to their car breaking down
  • supplied and installed a new washing machine as well as cold and hot water shut offs for a single woman on limited income
  • paid Permanent Resident card application fees for a senior citizen, as well as assisted with the paperwork
  • covered extensive car repair expenses so that owner could return to work as a reliable vehicle was required for the job
  • purchased new mattress, box spring, bedframes and bedsheets for disabled woman on limited income
  • moved several needy individuals out of undesirable living situations into better accommodations
  • paid for a portion of the funeral expenses for a senior citizen who passed away, having no family or next of kin in the province

2016 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2016:

  • Found suitable housing for an elderly man who was living in an unhealthy living arrangement in the inner city. Paid for his first month’s rent and damage deposit. Bought him a new bed, plus other items for his apartment.
  • Helped fix a bathroom that was in a state of disrepair. Dealt with the mold on the ceiling and replaced the toilet and flooring.
  • Replaced a dilapidated set of back steps for a family whose mother has mobility issues
  • Repaired a kitchen ceiling and living room ceiling that was coming apart in a 100-year old home in the inner city; the home-owner had little funds or expertise to conduct this work
  • Covered the costs of a fence repair/replacement for a family whose fence had been destroyed by a drunk driver
  • Paid the registration costs for a young man to enter Adult & Teen Challenge Recovery Program
  • Provided new or gently used household items to individuals and families in need. Items include: multiple mattresses  &  boxsprings; walker; play pen; crib; dishes; etc.

2015 Needs Met

A sampling of urgent needs met by Operation Share in 2015:

  • We provided temporary employment for a recent graduate of an inner city men’s drug recovery program
  • We performed a variety of house repairs for a 50-something widowed woman suffering from cerebral palsy
  • We bought a new wheelchair for a disabled woman with limited income
  • We assisted a young man with obtaining his out-of-province birth certificate, a Manitoba Health card and an MPI photo ID card. This enabled him to look for work within Winnipeg.
  • We donated furniture (sofa chairs, etc) to a summer camp ministry within Manitoba
  • We donated a large quantity of gently used and new furniture to a widowed mother of seven children
  • We donated furniture to a number of recent immigrants from overseas countries
  • We provided financial assistance to a number of individuals who were in legitimate financial crises

Tim and Ruby’s Story

Tim and Ruby’s Story

* for privacy reasons, the names have been changed

Several years ago, Tim and Ruby’s young boy had fallen seriously ill with seizures and brain impairment. As a result of this illness he was no longer able to walk or even to feed himself. After being discharged from a lengthy stay in the hospital his parents came to realize that having no bathroom on the main floor of their older house was going to pose a significant mobility issue for their ill son. To assist this family, Operation Share/Faith Church covered much of the cost for the installation of a tub and other bathroom amenities on the main floor. This was a tremendous relief to Tim and Ruby as they no longer had to carry their boy upstairs to use the bathroom.

Heather’s Story

*for privacy reasons, name has been changed


Heather’s time had run out. An elderly widow, she had recently sold her house in Winnipeg and the buyer had already begun to move in and renovate the house as the possession date had passed. The problem was, she had not yet completely moved out as she was physically unable to keep packing. Now who could she get to help pack her things? She knew of no relative or young person who could volunteer for such a physically and time demanding task. To pay for such a service was also out of the question. While pondering what to do in a local restaurant her eyes fixed upon a newspaper article describing the role of Operation Share in meeting urgent needs in the community. Feeling desperate she phoned Operation Share and asked for help. “Yes“, she was told, Operation Share would provide her with about half a dozen volunteers to assist her in completing her move. As a result, the remaining items in Heather’s house and garage were cleaned out in a timely fashion. Not only did Operation Share move Heather for free, in addition, Heather was provided with a charitable tax receipt in exchange for some household items she could no longer use and was willing to donate to Operation Share. The relief in Heather’s voice and face was readily apparent as she graciously thanked the volunteers from Operation Share for their timely service.


Susan’s Story

*for privacy reasons, name has been changed


Susan’s life was simply going from bad to worse. Her daughter had recently died tragically and this had left Susan in a depressed state of mind. On top of that, the house in which she was renting one floor of was now being sold almost immediately as the landlord had recently passed away. With an impending change in her living accommodations being right around the corner and having no help or financial resources to move an acquaintance made her aware of his church’s desire to meet her urgent need. Susan was told that volunteers serving with Operation Share would come on the following Saturday and move her to the nearby apartment in which she had found a suite. Susan was overcome with emotion as her immediate need had been met—-for free and by people she had not met before! A final blessing for her came in the form of a queen-sized bed mattress, a gift to her from Operation Share and a local Winnipeg mattress distributor.

Justin’s Story

*for privacy reasons, name has been changed 


In just his mid-30’s, Justin’s wife suddenly passed away in Winnipeg leaving him to raise his young daughter and son. Faced with the difficult task of raising his kids alone and working full time, Justin turned to welfare as his struggle wore on. After a couple of years of eking out an existence in the inner city of Winnipeg, Justin was made aware of a job opportunity in his home town in southern Ontario. He was informed that his relatives would be more than willing to look after his two kids while he would be at work, so this looked like a prime opportunity to have a fresh start. The only thing holding Justin back was an inability to pay for his young family’s bus tickets and other travel costs. This is when a couple of Justin’s friends made him aware of their church’s ministry initiative, known as Operation Share, and its’ mandate to help people with urgent needs in Winnipeg. An agreement was quickly struck. If Justin was willing to volunteer for several days at the Operation Share warehouse, Operation Share would gladly pay for his bus tickets. Justin was thrilled, having been given a legitimate means to earn his way back home rather than simply receiving a handout. So who watched Justin’s little girl and boy while he worked for his bus tickets? Well, four or five families from the church volunteered to babysit his children each day that he worked. Justin could barely contain his emotions as he attempted to express his thanks for all the efforts made on his behalf. A few days later, with daughter and son in tow, Justin departed Winnipeg for the bus trip home. A new beginning was on its way.

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